Frequently Asked Questions

What is FindMyTradies?

Learn more about FindMyTradies and how it works here.

Why should I claim my listing?

Claiming your listing from FindMyTradies will allow you to become a verified member, hence will give you a boost in terms of visibility. Once you become a verified FindMyTradies member, your business will come up higher in search.

How can I claim my listing?

Should you wish to claim your listing, please click on the Claim My Listing button underneath your business name. Please note that once you claim your listing, you will be listed as part of FindMyTradies, but customers won't be able to request or book a job from you.

How can I register my business with FindMyTradies?

In order for you to become a verified FindMyTradies member, you will need to register by providing us the information we need. Click on the "Register My Business" Button and follow the steps. The information you submitted will then be reviewed by our team. Once approved, you will receive an email from us along with your dedicated username and password.

Why should I give you all my information?

FindMyTradies will need all your business information to ensure that your business is an authorized company and that it is in compliance with our rules, regulations, and policies.

How will registering with FindMyTradies help my business?

Registering your business or claiming your listing helps your business reach your target audience in the location you have specified. You will rank higher up in the search for trades services on the FindMyTradies website.

How many listings can I register when I become a FindMyTradies member?

You are entitled to unlimited listings when you sign up and register as a FindMyTradies member.

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