What is FindMyTradies?

FindMyTradies is a FREE marketing site serving as a supporting platform for i4Tradies helping registered Trades Services providers:

1 Generate brand awareness

2 Leverage backdoor approach to getting more clients

3 Increase potential customers for i4Tradies – Tradie Job Management app

4 Increase service requests for existing i4Tradies customers

How can FindMyTradies help Tradie customers/end-consumers?

The aim of this site is to provide customers an easy and reliable way to request trades services from our pool of companies. Results are based on type of trades service and location searched. Customers are able to filter through results and choose the companies that are closest to them. FindMyTradies is quite useful to customers as it provides them all the information they need to book a job including trade license, ABN and past jobs completed.

How can FindMyTradies help registered i4Tradies users?

For business owners, FindMyTradies is a means to attract and acquire new customers. This is a free lead-generating tool that we provide to all registered i4Tradies trades business owners. i4Tradies registered members will show in accordance to their ratings given to them by their customers when a customer searches for a job close to their target location.

What areas does FindMyTradies cover?

For now, FindMyTradies concentrates in the eastern states: New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria. However, in the near future, FindMyTradies will be expanding to include other states.